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Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Service
Effective and regular maintenance service could help to minimize the damage to carpets, to extent the life spam and to reduce the cost of further repair, it can be seen as a cost-saving method in a long run.

How do different types of dirt affect carpets?

The 2 most common types of dirt found on the carpet surface are dry dust and grunge dust. The former could be easily deal with by using a normal vacuum cleaner. For the latter one, it is the combination of resin, used gum, grease and body fat, and acts like an adhesive to paste dry dust on carpet surface, which lead to the darker grey shades on carpet surface. Grunge dust is the main enemy of carpet, not only is it hard to be cleaned, it would also accumulate more dry dust.

Dust-preventing actions must be taken
To prevent dust from entering indoor environment, here are some easy but important steps to follow:

Using a doormat can help to gather dust at the front door; it needs to be vacuumed, cleaned and replaced regularly.
Putting a wheel protector under chairs can help to prevent dust from going into carpet fiber.
Restraining smoking and eating in a certain place can help to obstruct dust in a smaller area.

Understand the relationship between human circulation and dust accumulation
Places with high circulation cause the accumulation of dust; places include main entrance and exit, elevator lobby, corridor, the main channels between doors and furniture, etc. come with higher accumulation other areas in the office, such as the meeting room:

For places with high circulation such as entrance and exit, elevator lobby, reception, corridor and such need to be vacuumed everyday, ideally obtain carpet-cleaning service once a month.
For places with medium circulation, such as office pantry and front doors of office rooms should be vacuumed everyday; carpet-cleaning service should be obtained once every 3 months.
For places with low circulation, such as the meeting room should be vacuumed 2 to 3 times per week and obtain carpet-cleaning service in every half year.
Low Moisture Chemical 
L.M.C. – America Patent detergent, which could neutralize oily particles on carpet surface. It is also useful for preventing carpet from being stained by other dust. It provides ease for everyday vacuum job and minimizes damage cause on carpet surface. The protection layer could stop accidental spills from penetrating into fiber. L.M.C. lessen dust from sticking on the carpet and the result would last for an observable period of time.
Water ExtractionBy spraying specialized carpet detergent on the stained area, the chemical reaction of detergent will emulsify and dissolve resistant dust. Followed by Water Extracting Machine to extract water from bottom layer, detergent and loosen particles to achieve the deep-cleaning effect.
Rotary ShampooWith the professional Rotary Carpet-cleaning Machine with diluted carpet detergent to brush off dust and stains on fiber. The detergents we are using are labeled as PH7, which is well known for its cleansing power without harming the fiber. It also creates a layer of protection on carpet after the procedure.
Foam ShampooFirst use a vacuum to clear dust on the surface, then spray carpet detergent on the carpet; followed by the Rotary Carpet-cleaning Machine to clear out the stains. This method requires shorter time, yet it is only viable for new carpet.

Some tips for carpet care:
The stains on carpet are known as dirt, which consists of dry dust and grunge dust; grunge dust will lead to the accumulation of dust, vacuuming regularly can help to lessen the situation.
Accidental spills are unavoidable, yet the stains would not turn permanent if you react quickly.
Avoid using detergents that are too acidic or alkaline on carpet, they will lead to the dull color on carpet. Do not use bleach or it will lead to permanent damage to the carpet.
When cleaning carpet, please don’t overuse detergent. It will be left on the surface if not rinse properly, and subtly damaging the carpet from within.
Obtaining professional carpet-cleaning service regularly is very important, it could help to remove permanent stains, so as to minimize the chance of house dust mite and louse.

Professional and effective carpet care could help to lower the repair and restoration cost in the future, if you have any concerns or inquires for our carpet services, please contact us.
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