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Carpet & Fabric Furniture Protecting Service

Our machine is a sofa cleaner widely used by hotels in America, for cleaning stains and dusts on the surface. Although vacuum cleaner is also useful for clearing stains, the machine we used could achieve a deeper cleaning effect.

Steam Cleaning By using heat and hydration from steam together with specialized detergent, stains will be removed after procedures. The detergent used also consists of the function of disinfection and sterilization.
* Dry time: around 1 hour.
Hard Brush Cleaning   Sofa cleaner widely adopted by hotels in America with foamed detergent, together with water suction machine to absorb water and dirt from within, this method is effective for persistent stains.
* Dry time: around 2 hours.
Spray-on Extractor This method is specially designed for heavy damaged sofa; by using spray-on extractor with high pressure, it is useful to remove persistent stains.
* Dry time: around 4 hours.

Carpet & Fabric Furniture Protecting Service
By spraying a layer of antifouling agent on the surface of sofa and fabric furniture, it creates a thin coat of protector, which could effectively help to prevent stains from going into the fabric. Persistent stains such as tea, coffee, soda, juice, dirt, etc. could then be wiped out easily in the future.

Antifouling agent on fabric furniture
To create a layer of protection by spraying “antifouling agent on sofa and fabric furniture”, it could help to prevent the penetration of water and dirt without damaging the material of the furniture.

Antifouling agent on carpet
The “antifouling agent on carpet” is a slightly different formula. By applying a layer of protection on the surface, it could help to prevent water, oil stains and dirt from going in the fiber, which helps to sustain the color of the carpet.
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