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Stone comes from the very deep part of the earth; it is composed by varies types of minerals, liquid and gas, with hundreds years of transition to turn into the decorative stone we use nowadays. Some common materials are marbles and granite.

Stone is as vulnerable as a lady’s skin, which requires special cares. The surface of stone has got plenty of tiny little holes that will absorb stains like a sponge and it will affect the color in long term. Apart from that, using the wrong type of detergent will cause damage to the surface; it could affect the shine on the surface or worse, cause erosion that would weaken the material. In fact, stone care has more resemblances with lady’s skin care than you could imagine, both requires a complicated set of procedures to remain their beauty. We will now provide a few simple tips on daily care for marbles and other stones. 1. In order to sustain the beauty of stones, you should use neutralize detergent for cleaning and a dry towel to absorb the water after. 2. Avoid using detergent in powder coating form, scourer, metallic spatula and other sharp objects on the surface.

Marble Refinishing By using a diamond blade to scrape off scratches and eroded surface, then apply “marble maintenance” to restore the shining surface.
Marble Brilliancy Refinishing  By using “marble brilliancy-finish powder” to polish the surface, then apply a layer of “marble maintenance” to extend the sustainability of marble, finally finishing with the brushing machine to help chemical to penetrate, so as to create a protection layer.
Marble Polishing Service By using Marble Brushing Machines and detergent to clear the stains on the surface, then apply a layer of “Marble Maintenance” as a protection, to prevent stains from entering. The detergent used is colorless and fragrance-free. It helps to maintain the natural color of stones.
Marble Waterproof Maintenance By applying a layer of waterproofing agent on the surface, it prevents water and dirt from entering the stones holes and to provide easy care.
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