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Carpets, Installation and Hand-woven Laying Service

With professional carpet laying training, we are proud to announce the decorative carpet laying and carpet repairing services for offices, households, shopping malls, shops, etc.

Apart from the laying and repairing services, a great variety of imported carpets are available to match your style:

Suitable for office
Suitable for home

Hand-woven Carpet Service
Highly personalized hand-woven carpets are also available; every single piece is made to order with personal design that fits your taste. Our hand-woven carpet are made of 100% wool and knitted by hand completely, to create the unique piece of decoration for your dream house or office.

Sample of Hand-woven carpets style
Sample of Hand-woven carpets colour

If you are interested and needed further details about the price range of the Carpets Installation and Hand-woven Laying Service, feel free to contact us.
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