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General Cleaning Service
We aim at providing high quality and professional cleaning services, including cleaning after indooor construction for household, office and shop. Professional trainings were provided to our professional cleaners. A free visit for measurements and price inquiry is provided.

If you are interested and needed further details about the price range of the cleaning services, feel free to contact us.

Professional Cleaning Service after Decoration

Included: Wood Decoration, Furniture, Kitchen, Washroom, Balcony, Rooftop, Garden and Car Park etc.

Home Cleaning Service

Included: Different country of kitchen cabinet, such as Local, China, Europe, America & Oversea different materials cabinet.

Lighting Cleaning Service

Included: Clean Lobby Ceiling Chandelier Lamp, Ceiling Lighting Groove, Crystal Chandelier & Wall Lighting etc.

Shop Professional Cleaning Service

Included: Signboard, Glass, Ceiling Lighting Groove, Shelf, Floor, Furniture and Decorating.

Floor Cleaning Service

Included: Wooden Floor, Vinyl Floor, Ceramic Tile Floor, Marble Floor , Granite Stone Floor and Self-Leveling Floor.
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Outdoor High Altitude Cleaning Service

Included: Outdoor Walls, Outdoor Glass, Outdoor Decorating and etc.
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  Marble Cleaning & Maintenance Service
  Carpet & Fabric Furniture Protecting Service
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